Max era Max (Song for My Father)

Max era Max
più tranquillo che mai
la sua lucidità

Smettila, Max
la tua facilità
non semplifica, Max

non si spiega
fammi scendere, Max

Vedo un segreto
Avvicinarsi qui, Max

My Max

Album: Song for my Father (1964)
Written by: Horace Silver
Horace Silver — piano
Carmell Jones — trumpet
Joe Henderson — tenor saxophone
Teddy Smith — bass
Roger Humphries — drums

This little song for my father
Does things that no other
Can do
As I sing it to you

It has a rhythm and rhyme
That will fasten his memory
In time
As his beauty shines through

For through my mind and soul
My heart will always hold
A special place for him
It’s true

We bow our heads and we pray
Every day’s Father’s Day
Let’s review
All that he means to you

Our mother’s love is real nice
But old Dad sacrificed
For us too
Let us give him his due

We’re very proud to be
In his biography
We sing this song for him
And you

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